Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is typically offered as part of your group benefits from your employer but is also available to individuals and their families.  The Affordable Care Act(ACA) considers pediatric dental care an essential health benefit. This requires your ACA compliant health insurance plan to include dental coverage for those under 19 years old.  We can help you develop a dental insurance plan that will suit your needs and budget. 

At Gnade Insurance Group we offer access to many dental insurance plans with many available options and networks.

Vision Insurance

Approximately 70% of adults wear some type of corrective lenses in America.  Without a vision benefits plan or discount vision plan this can get very expensive.  Like dental insurance, vision insurance is commonly offered through employer benefits but plans are available on an individual level too.  A vision insurance covers items like and annual eye exam, discounts on glasses or contacts.  Some plans can also cover portions of laser eye correction surgery.

Gnade Insurance can help you get a plan that will suit all of your vision insurance needs. We enjoy helping people get what they deserve, which is the best protection for their eyes.

Contact our benefits department today to find out more about the dental and vision plans we offer.
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